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Apple Customer Service Phone Number (1-844-281-7680)

Apple is the most recognized vendor for manufacturing top quality devices as well as for providing best services. Apple is the US-based multinational company headquartered in California. Apple manufactures gadgets like iPhone, Mac desktop, MacBook, iPads etc. Apple also provides various services to the Apple users such as iTunes, Apple Safari, the iCloud, app store for Mac etc.

Apple can be coined as the ace of innovations. But like other technical gadgets, you can get into issues while using Apple devices. If you face any type of issue with Apple device, contact Apple Customer Service Phone Number. Our team of expert engineers is 24*7 available for help. Our technical executives are well-trained for this job and have years of experience in this field.

We are aware that everyone cherished his or her gadgets. So, if you think that your device is facing any minor or major type of issue, contact Apple Customer Service Phone.Number and find the best solution before your device meets any critical condition. Apple Customer Service Number 24 hours provides you help service any time of the day.

Common issues faced by Apple users:

1. A sound problem during the phone call: This is the most common issue faced by most of the iPhone users. Some solution to this issue can be pressing the volume button and make sure that when you press the volume button, the volume should appear on the screen and not on the earpiece. You can also try toggling the speakerphone during the phone call. Sometimes the speakers of the phone get covered by the screen protector. After trying all the solutions if you still unable to resolve the issue, try dialing Apple Customer Service Number USA and ask for the potential working solution.

2. Queries during swapping from Android OS to iOS: Most of the new iOS users feel a headache while swapping from Android OS to iOS. But you can easily transfer your Android data to iOS. Follow the steps mentioned below for swapping your data:

  • Switch on your brand new Apple device and follow the provided onscreen commands until App and Data options appear in the screen
  • Go and select the Move Data from Android option
  • Now you also have to install an application in your old android phone from the app store in an account for transferring your android data to your new iOS device.
  • Now open that application on your both devices.
  • Then tap the Agree and Next option on your old Android phone.
  • Numeric code of 12 digits will be shown on your Apple device.
  • Enter that 12-digit number in your old Android phone.
  • The device will present you a whole list of data which you can transfer from your Android to iOS.
  • Select the data you want to transfer in your new iPhone.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily transfer your old data into your new iPhone device. If you are facing an issue, like unable to generate the 12-digit code or unable to add or remove data from the list, dial Apple Customer Service Telephone Number and get the step by step guidelines.

3. Unable to update my iOS device: Apple provides frequent updates for the users time to time. Every new update of iPhone comes with few fixes and improvement from the older update. But many iPhone users face common issues while updating their iOS phone. Follow the given steps for updating your iPhone without any glitch:

  • Unlock your iPhone device
  • Go to settings
  • Go to software updates
  • Tap the Download and install the update button

An outdated version of iOS can be a loophole for malicious viruses and malware. Always update your iPhone device when available. If unable to update, contact Apple Customer Service Number for iPhone.

4. Unable to set FaceID on my new iPhoneX: Setting up FaceID in the iPhoneX is very easy. You can easily set the FaceID in your iPhoneX by following the steps mentioned below. But make sure your whole face should be perfectly visible on your iPhone camera. Here are the steps:

  • Open your iPhoneX
  • Go to settings
  • Open the FaceID & Password option
  • Enter your Password
  • Now tap on Set up Face ID, and move your face towards the camera and click on the Get Started
  • Look into the iPhone that you face can clearly fit inside the frame of the camera
  • Move the head by forming a circle
  • Tap to continue
  • Again move the head and finish the circle for another time
  • Finally, click on continue

By following these basic steps, if you are not able to set the FaceID on your iPhoneX, contact Apple Customer Service Number iPhone and get the reliable solutions.

5.Unable to connect iTunes to my iPhone: This is also a very common problem faced by many iPhone customers. Dial Apple Customer Service Number for iTunes and get the easy guidelines. You can also try updating the iPhone by following the steps mentioned below:
6. Open your iPhone device
7. Open Settings> General>Software Update
8. Tap on Download and Install
9. Enter the password of your iPhone
10. Click on Agree
11. The new update will start downloading automatically

Now, try connecting the iTunes to your device
If not, contact Apple Customer Service Number iTunes and get the reliable solutions.
A person faces numbers of issues while using Apple devices if you face any type of issues at any frame of time. You can easily get the quick and best solutions by dialing Apple Customer Service Online.

Why do you need Apple Customer Service Contact Number?

Issues are like viruses. Even if you take full precautions, problems can still find a door for entering in your device. You can face an issue at any time of the day, our service team is 24*7 available for your help. Anytime you get into an issue while using Apple devices, contact Apple Customer Care Phone Number and get the reliable solutions of your every problem. Our service will save your time as we as money.