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Apple Phone Number (1-844-281-7680)

Apple Inc. is the US-based IT industry headquartered in California. Apple is the most famous company for manufacturing gadgets like iPhone, Mac Desktop, iPads, iPods etc. Not only gadgets, but Apple also has the best application services such as iTunes, iCloud, Apple Safari etc.

Along with the features, the design of the iPhone especially the Apple logo looks sterling. But, like other devices, Apple users have to face issues related to their devices from time to time. Apple also offers best help services to the customers. You can easily get the help support by dialing Apple Phone Number. Our expert technician team is qualified to solve all the technical issues related to the Apple devices.

Why choose Apple Phone Number for help over the service center?

A user can get issues at any time of the day, but you may not always prepare for them. Say your iPhone is getting multiple crashes while doing some important job. You cannot always walk out to any service center for help. But you can easily ask our Apple Phone Number for iPhone Support to get reliable solutions for your issues. Our expert professionals are qualified with years of experience in resolving all kinds of glitches related to Apple devices and services. Our Apple Support Phone Number 24/7 provides you with the best solutions which can save your time and money.

Issues faced by customers with Apple devices:

1. Speaker button grayed-out during a call: This problem is faced by many iPhone users; the speaker icon of the device gets grayed-out via a phone call. This type of problem usually occurs when your device is connected with other devices via Bluetooth. Try turning off the Bluetooth by swiping up from the bottom and toggle the Bluetooth button.

2. Charging issues in Apple devices: This is another potential issue that many iPhone users have to face. Sometimes you plug in your iPhone to the working charger but you are unable to charge the iPhone or the device stops charging after a certain percentage. Some common solutions for this type of issue are:
Make sure the charger and the USB cable you are using should be same that came with your iPhone device. If you are using the third-party charger, it may cause this type of problem. The life of the battery also gets reduced with the time. You can also get a reliable help by dialing Apple Phone Number USA.

3. Hardware and software related issues in Apple devices: A person can face many hardware queries like camera issues, heating issues. You may also get into issues while using iTunes, iCloud, Safari etc. But, now you don’t have to worry about any kind of issues. Your all issues can easily resolve via a phone call. Dial Apple Phone Number Help and get easy and quick solutions. Our professional team is working in this field for years and has a potential experience for solving all the problems.

4. “No Service” issue: “No service” issue is faced by iPhone 7 users. After using iPhone in Airplane mode, users are unable to detect the cellular service. You can try restarting the iPhone device for getting the cellular services. If you are still unable to get the network, try taking out the SIM card and re-inserting it. If still getting issues, try getting the help from Apple Phone Number. We are 24*7 available for solving your all issues.

5. Unable to set my FaceID on new iPhoneX: Setting up the FaceID in the iPhoneX is very simple. A user can easily set the FaceID in his/her iPhoneX by following the steps mentioned below. But make sure that the whole face should be perfectly visible on the iPhone camera. Here are the steps:
i. Open the brand new iPhoneX
ii. Go to settings
iii. Open the FaceID & Password option
iv. Enter your Password
v. Now tap on Set up Face ID, and move the face towards the camera and click on the Get Started
vi. Look into the iPhone that the face can clearly fit inside the frame of the camera
vii. Move the head by forming a circle
viii. Tap to continue
ix. Again move the head and finish the circle for another time
x. Finally, click on continue

By following these basic steps, a person can easily set the FaceID in the iPhoneX. But you are not able to set the FaceID on your iPhoneX, contact Apple Phone Number Support and get the reliable solutions.

6. Unable to connect with other devices via Bluetooth: Another connection issue in Apple devices is Bluetooth error. Most of the Apple customers had a complaint about the connectivity issues while connecting to another device especially in cars. If you are facing the same problem, the best way for resolving this issue is to call Apple Phone Number and ask for the most working solution. Our expert technicians will listen to your problems and will give you the most handfuls of solutions. You can also try some manual solutions such as deleting all the paired devices from the Bluetooth settings and again reset it.

7. Handoff issues on Mac devices: Some users may also Handoff issues in Mac computers, follow the steps mentioned below for solving this problem:
i. Open your Mac desktop
ii. Scroll to System Preferences
iii. Go to General
iv. Go to the checkbox button, and uncheck the Allow Handoff between Mac and your iCloud devices button.
v. Again tap to check the Allow Handoff between Mac and your iCloud devices button.

If you are unable to solve the handoff issue, you can get the reliable support from Apple Phone Number Customer Service.