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iTunes Phone Number (1-844-281-7680)

If we talk about application provides by Apple, the best and most favorite application of every Apple user is iTunes. iTunes is a music player, internet radio broadcaster launched by Apple. With the help of iTunes, you can easily purchase music online. If you an Android or Windows user, iTunes is also available for you. iTunes can run on iOS, Mac, Windows as well as Android. But many users, especially Android and Windows user face issues while using iTunes. For any kind of issues related to iTunes, contact Phone Number of iTunes. We have a well trained expert technician’s team for this job. We will provide you with the most reliable solution for your queries.

Why choose iTunes Phone Number Support over other help services?

iTunes phone number support is 24*7 available for solving any kind of issues related to iTunes. A person can face issues while using iTunes any single time of the day. But you may be not prepared for them at that moment. If you get issues, dial our iTunes Customer Service Phone Number and get the help from our technician for resolving your issues.

Common issues with iTunes which can easily resolve by dialing Phone Number of iTunes

Here are some common issues faced by iTunes users:

Unable to reset my iTunes password: This issue is faced by many users but can be easily resolved. Follow the steps given below for resetting your password.

i. Open the web browser and go to the official website of Apple
ii. Go to the Account Page
iii. Tap the forget Apple ID button
iv. Enter the email address or your phone number
v. Enter your Apple ID
vi. Select and click on the reset password option
vii. Click on Continue
viii. Choose your recovery email address
ix. A will be received by your email
x. You can easily recover your email by clicking on that mail
xi. You will get an OTP if you had provided your phone number
xii. Enter that OTP and a new password

If you are still getting issues in resetting the password, dial iTunes phone number support for help.

iTunes Error 9: iTunes error 9 usually occurs when a user tries to upgrade the firmware. A user can also get this issue while restoring the iPhone. Try the following ways for solving this error:

Check your Wi-Fi connection: A person can also get iTunes error 9 if the Wi-Fi is working slowly. Follow the steps for resolving this issue:
i. Firstly, disconnect the Wi-Fi connection
ii. Wait for some time
iii. Try again for the connection
iv. If you are still unable to resolve this error, try connecting your device to different Wi-Fi network.

Check your USB port or cable: You may also get error 9 due to faulty USB port or cable. Try different port and cable, if still getting this issue then dial iTunes Customer Service Phone Number for solving iTunes error 9.

Unable to install iTunes in my Windows OS: This is the common query faced by most of the Windows users. Follow the steps for using iTunes in Windows device:

i. Open your browser and go to the official website of Apple
ii. Go to the music
iii. Click on iTunes
iv. Tap the download button
v. The website should have to detect that you are using Windows device
vi. It will provide you Windows version for iTunes
vii. Enter your email address
viii. Tap on the download button
ix. You will get a pop up asking for the choice to run or save the file
x. Click on install now button

After all the terms and conditions, it will ask some option for installation:

  • Add iTunes to my desktop: If you permit this option, the iTunes icon will be added to the desktop. With this, you don’t have to search other files; you can easily open iTunes from the desktop icon. The icon of iTunes will also get added on the start menu.
  • Use iTunes as your default player: If you opt for this option, all your music files will play on iTunes.
  • Destination folder: Select the destination place where you want to keep your iTunes and other iTunes associated files.
  • Language: Select the language of your choice.

Finally, tap the install button. Wait for some time, and then tap the finish button.
After all these steps, don’t forget to restart your device. With all these steps you can use iTunes in your Windows. If unable, dial iTunes customer service phone number for help.

You may fall into other issues while using iTunes, some issues are mentioned below:

• Unable to create my iTunes account
• Unable to synchronizing iTunes
• Unable to use iTunes in Windows
• iTunes service error
• iTunes error message 4013

If you get these errors or any error related to iTunes, dial iTunes contact number for help. We are providing our help support round the clock services for seven days a week to our customers.

How to connect with iTunes Contact Phone Number?

We are providing you with several platforms for connecting with us:

  • Via phone call: You can dial iTunes Contact Number, and can easily quote your query to our expert technicians; they will provide you the reliable solution of your issues.
  • Via live chat: We know that many users feel uncomfortable with phone support, for those users we are providing live chat support. You can type your query and get the solution easily.
  • Other than a phone call and live chat, we are also providing you help support in many SNSs such as Facebook and Twitter.